If the Whitelabel - Host Mapping error is being triggered, the custom subdomain preferences cannot be saved due to any of the possible cases:

  • the entered subdomain does not target the proper CNAME: app.advancedwebranking.com. You can check your subdomain target record using the following online tool

  • your subdomain was properly configured, but not yet propagated. Depending on the domain hosting provider, propagation time can vary

Nameserver changes can typically take 0 to 24 hours to take effect, but they are known to take as long as 48 hours to go into full effect.


If the Whitelabel - Host mapping has been enabled for [placeholder].awrcloud.com, a new subdomain is required, one which has the required CNAME: app.advancedwebranking.com

The AWR Hostmapping cannot be used for both [placeholder].awrcloud.com and app.advancedwebranking.com, under the same account / subscription, even if 2 different subdomains are configured. 

In this case, we recommend migrating the AWR subscription accordingly. 

For detailed assistance on Whitelabel setup and particular host mapping information, you can reach out to us directly at help@advancedwebranking.com. 

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will keep building the FAQ.

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