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Why am I being charged VAT
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According to international financial and legal regulations, all software service purchases are accompanied by sale taxes

Avangate BV dba 2Checkout, the authorized payments processor for Advanced Web Ranking, is responsible for collecting the sale taxes applied to new acquisition or renewal orders placed for our service.

The full list with the sale tax rates and countries for which they are collected is available on our partner e-commerce partner website:

European Union Countries

VAT is applied according to the rates available in the country from which the order is placed. The tax is listed separately on your invoice, and is applied only to customers who are private individuals or businesses without VAT ID registered for intra-EU Community transactions. 

Companies with VAT ID registered in the VIES system are exempted from VAT charges

If you are placing the order for an EU Company, please make sure you add your Company Name and VAT ID on the purchase form:

  • For companies registered in The Netherlands, VAT of 21% is charged even if the invoice includes the buyer's VAT ID. In this case, the VAT amount can be recovered at the end of the financial year, according to national regulations in place.

Non-European Union Countries

Purchases made by companies registered in Iceland, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey are subject to each country’s VAT rate.

  • Norwegian companies with valid TAX ID are tax exempt. Serbian companies are charged with 5% for the withholding tax, in addition to the 20% standard tax rate.

Non-European countries

Purchases made by companies registered in Argentina, Australia, Belarus, India, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan and United Arab Emirates are subject to VAT / sale tax rates established according to international regulations. 

  • Indian companies that provide GSTIN are tax exempt. Australian and New Zealand companies that provide GST ID are tax exempt.

United States

Avangate BV dba 2Checkout is authorized to collect VAT / sales tax for several US states, available on our e-commerce partner website

Tax rates vary depending on the zip code entered in the purchase form at the time when placing the order. 

  • US registered companies can recover the value of the VAT / sale tax by sending an Exemption Certificate to our e-commerce partner, at

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will keep building the FAQ.

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