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To maintain your team's productivity and streamline your client reporting workflow, you can invite your clients and coworkers to join AWR.

Once this is done, you get to share online ranking data and reports with them, enjoying 100% privacy of your data.

Keep in mind that you can only invite users with email addresses that have not been previously used to create an Advanced Web Ranking account.

There are 3 types of users in AWR with different permission levels:

1. Owner

2. Administrators

3. Team Members

What can the Account Owner and the Administrators do:

  • Fully access the application, meaning they can view and edit billing details;

  • Can upgrade and downgrade subscriptions;

  • Can create, edit, and delete projects;

  • Can provide access to projects to other users by inviting/promoting/demoting emails.

Note: Except for the Whitelabel settings which can be edited only by the Account Owner, these 2 types of users have the same permissions.

What can Team Members do:

  • Team Members have read/write access to the assigned projects only;

  • Can create a new project and delete an existing one;

  • Can edit a project’s settings (eg. add/remove keywords/search engines, change the updating frequency, add competing websites, etc).

Adding new users

Enable a Team Member or an Admin to access your projects in AWR by simply accessing the Account Settings menu > Users section > +Invite User.

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Fill in the field in the pop-up window by specifying the name and email address of the user(s) you want to give access to your AWR projects, then hit the Invite user button.

The users will receive an email invitation. In order to activate their account, they will need to click on the Activate account button and set a password.

From the Users section, you can add as many users as you need, delete, promote or demote them.

To assign websites to Team Members, you need to access the User menu and click on the Access: none/websites URL under the user’s email address, then tick the checkboxes of the project you want to assign to him. When you’re done, hit the Update access button.

The number of websites assigned to a user will be displayed under its name/email address.

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will keep building the FAQ.

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