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New user role in AWR: Customers with read-only access
New user role in AWR: Customers with read-only access
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Designed to enhance collaboration and streamline communication with clients, the Customer user type provides read-only access to assigned projects and live report templates, ensuring that your clients stay informed without the fear of compromising a project’s data integrity due to unintended changes.

What can Customer users do?

Customer users have read-only privileges, allowing them to view sections from the assigned projects and the live report templates*. However, they are restricted from making any edits or changes to the projects. This includes tasks such as adding or removing keywords and search engines, as well as modifying updating frequencies, search depth, or triggering on-demand updates.

* One key feature of AWR is its global report templates. These templates automatically display data from the selected project, showcasing the widgets and sections selected in the report's settings by users with higher permission levels, such as Owners and Administrators.

While accessible to all invited users, as long as references to the other clients whom you are tracking data for are not included in the templates' names, the live reporting functionality maintains client confidentiality by only displaying data from projects to which the Customer users have access to.

Inviting Customer users

Enabling access for Customer users is straightforward. Owners and Administrators can invite new users by navigating to the Account menu > Users section > +Invite User top right button.

From the “User type” menu, select “Customer”, select at least one project, enter the email address of the client(s) you wish to grant access to, then click on the “Invite user” button.

After sending the invitation, the customer user will receive an email prompting them to activate their account and set a password.

💡 Please note that you can only invite users with email addresses that have not been previously used to create an AWR account. If you need to invite an email address that is already in our database, please contact us at for assistance.

💡 Account Owners and Administrators have full control over user management. They can invite, delete, promote, or demote invited users as needed, providing flexibility and control over account access.

Do you have any further questions or need more information about this product update? Don't hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated support team.

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