AWR Share Link Functionality Explained
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Keeping everyone up to date with the evolution of your projects has never been so easy! Whether you want to streamline your client reporting flow or skyrocket your team’s productivity, AWR’s share link functionality is here to make it happen.

How does it work?

A project’s ranking data can be shared with clients or coworkers via a unique permalink.

The share link feature gives them read-only access to the HTML SERP files retrieved from the search engines being monitored and to the selected sections or reports of a project without having to join AWR. They can also generate PDF, CSV, and XLSX reports from the shared sections.

Note: The share link function provides fresh ranking data on the same URL every time a project is updated as long as the permalink created for that project is not reset.

To create a permalink, go to the Projects page and click the Share with label under the project’s name.

Note: Only the account owner and the administrators can provide access to AWR projects or create permalinks. More details on the types of users & permission levels available can be found in this article here.

Next, check the Share link option, enter a name/short description to easily identify the permalink in your project's shares list, choose the project sections and reports you want to give read-only access to, and share the newly created link.

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With the share link functionality, you can:

  • Enable multiple permalinks for the same project

You can create up to 10 permalinks for a project to be shared, each permalink having its own sections and reports with access to.

  • Share multiple projects via 1 permalink

You can also include multiple projects into a single permalink to be shared whenever your clients request cross-reporting.

Note: Creating multiple permalinks per project and sharing multiple projects via the same permalink options are available starting with the Pro monthly plan, and all our yearly subscriptions. The Trial plan is limited to a single permalink per project.

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will keep building the FAQ.

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