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Enhancements of the share link feature
Enhancements of the share link feature
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The share link functionality was turned into an enhanced reporting system after a bunch of improvements was recently released.

Now it is easier to share ranking data in read-only mode with your clients or team, so below you can find a walkthrough of what is new to the permalinks.


Two types of user interactions

When enabling the permalink, one can select how the end users interact with the reports being shared with them, as follows:

  • View Only

    mode - user interaction with shared reports is restricted. The users can only change the update dates in the reports they were given access to.

  • Interactive

    mode - user interaction with shared reports is unrestricted. The users accessing the reports via the permalink can change the inputs (keywords, website & search engine) and the update dates for which the ranking data should be displayed. They will also can change the table preferences (add/remove filters/columns) and export the ranking data.

Email notifications

The share link feature can now be used also as a reporting & notification system. When the Notify by email option is enabled, a performance summary email will be sent to the recipient(s) according to the frequency selected.

UI/ UX enhancements

The permalink modal was packed with new options while the entire adding/edit permalink flow optimized.


Share link button added to all UI reports

The permalinks can now be enabled from 2 places:

  • same as before, from the Projects page by clicking on the Share with label under a project’s name.

  • from the UI reports (eg. Ranking > Keywords report). When enabling the permalink using one of the UI reports, the modal will automatically select the currently accessed UI report making it easier to share with end users only the data that is of the most interest to them.

Screenshot 2022-11-02 at 15

Note: Only the owner of the account and the administrators user type can provide access to AWR projects or create permalinks. More details on the types of users & permission levels available can be found in this article here.

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will keep building the FAQ.

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