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Introducing the enhanced SERP Features report
Introducing the enhanced SERP Features report

Explore comprehensive SERP insights across Google and Bing, covering both mobile and desktop platforms.

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Exciting improvements have been added to the SERP Features report, empowering AWR users with even greater insights into their search engine performance, traffic potential, and branding opportunities. Now, following the expanded capabilities, the report offers a thorough analysis of SERP Features on both Google and Bing, across mobile and desktop platforms.

What's new:

Expanded coverage

The SERP Features report now includes analysis also for Bing search engines, providing a broader view of a website's online presence.

Filter by feature type

The reported data can now be filtered by feature type, including SERP Features, Organic SERP Features, or Ads, allowing for more targeted analysis.

SERP Features

This category includes features like Local Packs, Top Stories, Videos, People Also Ask, and many more. These are elements displayed by search engines on the search engine results page to provide users with quick, relevant content.

Organic SERP Features

The Organic segment encompasses features like Reviews, FAQs, Indented URLs, etc. These non-paid elements appear on the SERP and provide additional information about a website.


This category focuses on the amount of sponsored results - Ads Top, Ads Bottom, Ads Shop - that appear on the SERPs and are typically marked as "Ad" or "Sponsored."

New Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

After this update, a range of new KPIs has been introduced, aiming at providing users with deeper insights into their search engine performance. Here's what's new:

Website input

Users can now select the main website or one of their competitors for SERP Features analysis, allowing for more targeted insights into each specific domain.

Flexible data visualization of SERP Spread and Trends

Switch between SERP Features Spread and SERP Features Trends charts effortlessly by selecting the desired option from the dedicated drop-down menu.

SERP Features Spread

This chart provides a breakdown by feature type appearing on the search results pages for the selected keyword set, search engine, and features category: SERP vs. Organic vs Ads. It offers two display modes:

1. Ranking Keywords

Displays the count of keywords for which each search feature appeared in SERPs compared to the count of keywords where the selected website ranks for that feature.

The values are computed based on the last update selected within the report's date range.

2. Traffic Share

Shows the count of keywords where the selected website ranks for a specific feature relative to the total count of keywords added to the project. It also compares the sum of Estimated Visits the selected website could receive from its top 20 ranking keywords to the total Estimated Visits that each specific feature can generate.

The stats are computed based on the last update selected within the report's date range.

SERP Features Trend

This chart showcases the performance of search features over time, indicating the number of keywords where the selected website ranks for each feature.

The stats displayed are based on the time interval applied within the report's date range.

Achieved SERP Features Distribution

This chart provides a breakdown of the search features owned by the selected website, displaying the total count for each achieved feature.

The stats are computed for the last update selected within the report's date range.

Won vs. Lost SERP Features Traffic

This section provides insights into the total number of search features gained versus lost by the selected website, along with the total Estimated Visits each category can generate.

The values are displayed for the time interval applied within the report's date range allowing users to analyze the performance of their website's SERP Features over time.

Table view improvements

In addition to the enhanced KPIs, significant improvements have been also added to the table view. Below, you'll find a summary of these enhancements:

New metrics: Average Feature CTR & Estimated Traffic

Alongside the existing Features Trends metric, two new metrics have been introduced: Average Feature CTR and Estimated Traffic. These metrics can be added as additional columns to the features table.

Feature Trends

This column shows the evolution of each search feature across the time interval applied within the report's date range, given by the total number of keywords for which the feature appeared in SERPs.

Avg. Feature CTR

This column displays the average Click-Through Rate (CTR) for each search feature. It is calculated based on the Click Share values of all keywords ranking in the top 20 during the last update selected within the report's date range.

Estimated Traffic

This column displays the estimated amount of traffic each website, listed in the table, may receive from each owned search feature type, compared to the traffic potential generated by the keywords for which that feature appears in SERPs.

Enhanced visualization for SERP Features trend

The trend visualization for each feature type has been enhanced with an expanded chart view. This view illustrates the total number of keywords for which the main website and applied competitors are ranking for that feature throughout the selected period, offering a clearer picture of how each domain has managed to maintain its rankings for that feature over time.

Trends modal for selected SERP Features

The trends for selected SERP features can now be accessed in a separate modal. This feature enables a focused analysis of feature performance and its influence on a website's overall search engine visibility.

Other improvements, designed to streamline the SERP Features analysis, include:

“Search for” option

One can now effortlessly search for specific SERP features within the table, simplifying the process of locating the desired feature.

Top performers highlight

Websites with the highest number of keywords ranking for each SERP feature type are now prominently highlighted in green, enhancing visibility and making it easier to identify best-performing websites.

Expanded competitors selection

Users can apply up to 5 competitors plus the main website to the table. The SERP Features data for additional competitors can be accessed via CSV/XLSX exports.

Do you have any further questions or need more information about this product update? Don't hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated support team.

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