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New SERP Feature available for tracking with AWR: Google Flights
New SERP Feature available for tracking with AWR: Google Flights

Learn how to track the Google Flights SERP Feature in AWR

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When Google recognizes a user's intent to book a flight, such as searching for "cheap flights to London," it may display a Google Flights result. This type of search result is usually displayed at the top part of the SERP, above the organic results but below the Google Ads listings.

The Flights Box is a flight finder service embedded by Google right in the SERP. It provides key details like flight dates, durations, transfer information, prices, and airline options, which is useful for users planning a trip, allowing them to efficiently search and compare flights from different providers.

Although you can't get your URL displayed in the Flights SERP feature, it's worth knowing if the keywords you are targeting trigger this feature. Since the Flights box is very prominent and occupies considerable space on the SERP, it pushes the organic listings lower on the page.

This is precisely why we've integrated Google Flights as one of the monitored SERP features within Advanced Web Ranking. Keeping track of this feature aids in recognizing how it affects your website's visibility, so you can adapt your SEO strategies to navigate the evolving search landscape more effectively.

In Advanced Web Ranking, you can track the Flights Box using the Google Universal search engine: Google Desktop Universal for desktop searches and Google Mobile Universal for mobile search results. You can add these search engines for monitoring from the Project Settings > Search engines section.

💡 When tracking the Universal version of a search engine, AWR reports the positions of Organic entries alongside the URLs from Local 3-pack, Featured Snippets, People Also Ask, Images, Videos, Knowledge Panels, and other types of results as ranked if found in SERP. For more information about Google's search preferences available in AWR, check out this article.

After adding a Universal search engine and at least one ranking update is completed, you can easily identify the keywords that have triggered a Google Flights result by using the SERP Features filter:

In the filtered results, the SERP Features column shows which features are present on the search results pages retrieved from Google for each keyword.

If the selected website (main or competitor's URL) ranks for a particular SERP Feature, the associated feature symbol is highlighted in green. If the selected website doesn’t secure any of the features present in SERP, all the symbols will remain blue.

As the flights featured in the Flights Box are part of the same search result element, they will be reported on the same ranking position when found in the SERPs obtained from Google:

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch, and we will keep building the FAQ.

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