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Introducing the SERP Features Changes filter: easily detect won or lost SERP Features
Introducing the SERP Features Changes filter: easily detect won or lost SERP Features

Identify achieved or lost SERP Features for targeted keywords. See if traffic is redirected to rich results rather organic competitors.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of search engine results pages, staying informed about the search features impacting your website's visibility is vital for a successful SEO strategy. That's why we're thrilled to introduce a new keyword filtering option designed to assist you in precisely that: the SERP Features Changes filter.

Understanding SERP Features

Before diving into the capabilities of the new filter, let's briefly review what SERP Features are. SERP Features are the various search elements that appear on a search engine results page beyond the traditional Organic listings. These features can include Local 3-pack, Featured Snippets, People Also Ask, Images, Videos, Knowledge Panels, Job postings, Aggregator Units, and many other types of results included on the SERPs. Understanding which SERP Features your website appears in - or doesn't - can provide valuable insights into your SEO performance and opportunities for improvement.

Tracking SERP Features with AWR

Within AWR, the SERP Features can be tracked using the Universal version of Google and Bing search engines, which encompasses both desktop and mobile search results. When monitoring the Universal version of a search engine, the ranking positions of Organic entries alongside other types of results, allowing you to gain a complete picture of your website's presence in the SERPs.

💡The Universal version of a search engine can be added to a project from the Project settings > Search engines section. More information about Google's search preferences available in AWR can be found in this article here.

Introducing the SERP Features Changes filter

The SERP Features Changes filter enables you to easily filter the list of monitored keywords based on gained vs. lost SERP Features for the selected website between the two updates selected as the report’s input. Whether you're interested in monitoring gains, losses, or both, the filter provides valuable insights into the evolution of your website's SERP presence over time.

To leverage the power of the SERP Features Changes filter, simply navigate to the Ranking > Keywords report and apply it to the table from the Add filter drop-down menu.

The SERP Features Changes filter comes offers three options:

Gained SERP Features: Displays keywords that have acquired new SERP Features compared to the previous update. Gains are indicated with green icons in the SERP Features Changes column.

Lost SERP Features: Shows keywords that no longer rank with previously held SERP Features. Losses are marked with red icons.

Gained & Lost SERP Features: Highlights keywords that have either gained or lost SERP Features, providing a comprehensive overview of all feature changes for the selected website.

💡 To visualize gains, losses, or both, and gain valuable insights into your website's SERP evolution, add the SERP Features Changes column to the table using the additional columns drop-down menu.

Do you have any further questions or need more information about this product update? Don't hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated support team.

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