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Introducing the enhanced Partial Update feature
Introducing the enhanced Partial Update feature

Former Rescrape function turned into a streamlined Partial Update feature, offering enhanced refreshing capabilities of ranking positions.

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The formerly known Rescrape function (which allowed users to refresh ranking data for keywords & search engines that had already been updated with rankings at least once) has been merged with the partial updating feature (which allowed starting a ranking update only for the new keywords/search engines at the moment they are added to the project).

This enhancement enables users, whether adding new keywords/search engines or managing existing ones within a project, to utilize the new Partial Update feature to acquire new rankings effortlessly.

πŸ’‘ Each partial update is subject to keyword unit consumption, with the number of units required influenced by the number of keywords & search engines needing refreshed rankings. The consumed units are reimbursed when the subscription is renewed.

For each keyword & search engine pair needing refreshed rankings, 0.5 keyword units are required. As the number of keywords and/or search engines increases, the number of units needed for a partial update also increases.

To request a partial update simply navigate to the Ranking > Keywords report, select the desired keywords, and click the Partial Update button.

Upon clicking, a modal will prompt you to choose the search engines for which the rankings should be refreshed. Partial updates can be initiated either for a single search engine at the time or across all search engines added to the project.

Additionally, the modal will display the number of units required for each partial update from the total available.

πŸ’‘ Typically, a partial update takes less than an hour to complete. While the update is running, keywords scheduled for partial updating will show an "Update in progress" icon in the "Position" column.

Once finished, the updated ranking positions will be displayed for the latest ranking update performed for the project.

Do you have any further questions or need more information about this product update? Don't hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated support team.

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