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New API operations for keyword difficulty updates
New API operations for keyword difficulty updates
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We are excited to announce a significant update to the API functionality that is meant to enhance even more our users' SEO analysis and research capabilities. Following the update, new operations have been introduced offering now the ability to easily export the keyword difficulty data or estimate and run a difficulty update via API.

💡 The difficulty metrics - Global Difficulty, Domain Difficulty, URL Difficulty, and Content Score - are computed only after an on-demand or scheduled difficulty update has been completed for a project/set of keywords. Each difficulty update uses regular units from the plan resources as follows:

1 keyword updated for difficulty, on 1 search engine = 2 keyword units

Export the keyword difficulty data

The keyword difficulty metrics can be retrieved from AWR either as a .CSV file or as a plain text response with the export keyword difficulty API call. In addition to the difficulty metrics, the output will also include the Search Intent, SERP Features, and Search Volume data.

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Example request

Estimate the units consumption for a difficulty update

The estimate keyword difficulty update API operation indicates the number of units necessary for a keyword difficulty update. The call can be requested for one or multiple projects and the output is returned in JSON format.

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Example request

Request a keyword difficulty update

To start a keyword difficulty update for one or multiple projects one can use the request keyword difficulty update API call.

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💡 Updating the difficulty metrics requires data from the top 10 search results. This means that the update cannot be initiated unless the ranking data has already been collected from the search engines and processed.

Please note that starting a difficulty update does not automatically refresh the ranking data. The difficulty metrics are processed solely based on the latest ranking dataset available.

Example request

Feature availability

The developer API feature is available for all types of yearly subscriptions and, monthly, starting with Agency and higher.

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will keep building the FAQ.

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