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Keyword difficulty major improvements
Keyword difficulty major improvements
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Evaluating how difficult would be for your website to rank organically in Google search for a set of keywords has become even easier after a series of improvements were added to the Difficulty tool, as follows:

  • Initial keyword difficulty update for all new projects

An one time, free of units consumption keyword difficulty update is automatically completed for all new projects that are to be refreshed with rankings on the scheduler. For projects created with an on-demand updating frequency, a keyword difficulty update needs to be manually started either from the Projects page or from the Project Settings > Preferences section.

  • Keyword difficulty updates can run on the scheduler

Difficulty updates can now be set to run on the scheduler, with a weekly or monthly frequency. On the scheduler, the keyword difficulty metrics will be calculated across all the keywords and each search engine added to the project. The frequency can be selected either from the Projects page or from the Project Settings > Preferences section.

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  • On-demand ranking & difficulty updates can be triggered at once

Keyword difficulty updates can be started at the same time as the manual ranking updates from the Project Settings > Preferences section.

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💡 Each difficulty update uses keyword units which will be reimbursed when the subscription is renewed.

  • Friendlier filtering options

Friendlier filtering options have been added to Difficulty report, allowing one to filtrate the top 10 URLs based on their difficulty level: Easy, Pretty Easy, Doable, Tough One, Painful and Impossible.

  • CPC, Click Share & Keywords Distribution metrics added to the Difficulty report

The CPC values for each keyword added for monitoring can now be displayed in the Difficulty > Keywords view as an optional table column. In addition to this, two new KPIs were added: Click Share which shows the estimated percentage of clicks that the main website may receive from its top 20 keywords ranking organically, and Keywords Distribution which shows the number of keywords corresponding to each level of difficulty in the Easy-Impossible scale.

  • Backlinks & extensive KPIs added to SERP Overview report

The SERP Difficulty view was relabeled to SERP Overview and upgraded with the Backlinks table column which shows the total number of external links each URL has. In addition to this, an extensive KPIs widget was added. The new widget shows the Cost per Click, Search Intent, and the Estimated Visits metrics alongside the SERP features Click Share curve for the selected keyword.

  • Keyword Difficulty column added to the Ranking & Comparison reports

A new table column - Keyword Difficulty - is now available in the Ranking > Keywords and Comparison > Wesites reports. This column shows the overall score for each keyword based on all 3 difficulty metrics: Domain, URL & Content.

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Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will keep building the FAQ.

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