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Live Reports Accessibility
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The Live Reports are designed to help you gain and share easy access to your SEO projects, with multiple data sources, clear graphs, lists and KPIs.

When you start a new AWR account, there are 5 predefined live reports, or dashboards, that come in handy. They live under Reports, with the possibility to pin your favorite one and see the most relevant insights by default each time you access this menu for a specific SEO project.  

Reports Summary

Here is a quick introduction of the predefined reports in AWR:

SEO Performance Overview

This live report is recommended for seo managers, showing a brief overview of the top SEO objectives in terms of Rankings, Analytics and Search Console stats. 

Keyword Rank Performance

With this dashboard, the focus is on ranking position changes. It is recommended for keyword data analysts, helping them to easily get an overview of the visibility trend, as well as identify best and worst performing keywords.

Search Markets Overview

This dashboard is recommended for campaigns that monitor rankings on multiple search engines, giving you the possibility to compare results side by side. 

Competitor Rank Analysis

This live report offers you powerful insights about the competition. In addition to their ranking and visibility trends, you can also get a peak at the estimated traffic and CTR that your competitors receive for your top targeted keywords.  

Search Visibility Performance

With this dashboard, you can quickly visualize the evolution in time of your search visibility, and see how the ranking net gain influences your CTR and visits estimates.  


The live reports in AWR are global across all projects that you are managing on the account. When you navigate to a new project, the pinned report will load first, showing you the data related to the website and keywords tracked in that new project. 

To navigate between live reports within the same project, simply click next to the "pinned" label to open the dropdown and choose the one you would like to see. 


The predefined live reports, as well as new ones that you create from scratch, can be customized according to your own reporting needs. To customize a report, just click on the small settings icon and choose Edit report

While in edit mode, you can change the name and descriptions of the report, add or remove data widgets, or change the report design with the help of headings, dividers, text and images. 

Widgets can also be customized to show the data for specific keywords, groups, websites or search engines, or to show the data with a particular filtering preference. 

Before saving the changes, you have the possibility to quickly Preview the report and check the live data that it will provide. Changes made on the report are global, being visible across all projects in your account, except for those that involve specific project inputs, filters or sorting preferences.

Report Sharing

AWR offers two options for sharing reports with your team or with customers: 

Download PDFs 

For live reports where no files were created yet, simply click on the Generate PDF button. As soon as the report file is created, you will see a notification and the direct link to get the report file. 

Share Link

If you prefer to give your team or customers direct access to your dashboards, just send them the unique link that AWR generates with the Share Link functionality. This is available on the Projects list, 

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will keep building the FAQ.

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