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Automatic Exports to FTP
Automatic Exports to FTP
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Advanced Web Ranking offers a new export feature which enables you to push CSVs automatically to an FTP location. The files will include ranking and visibility stats for multiple projects. 

The automatic exports are available for monthly subscriptions starting from the Enterprise level, and for all yearly subscriptions

To request an export sample, please contact us at 

Quick Setup

To enable the new exports, navigate to Account Settings - Connectors & API and enter your FTP server details.

Note: The default FTP connection port number is 21.

Once the FTP connection is tested successfully, save the details in order to fully enable the exports. The CSV files will be generated automatically each day, if at least one of your AWR projects was refreshed with rankings.

Directory structure

The exports are organized in two separate directories: 

In each directory, files are uploaded with the following naming rules


Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will keep building the FAQ.

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