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Advanced Web Ranking Integration with TapClicks
Advanced Web Ranking Integration with TapClicks
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TapClicks is one of the world leading marketing dashboard platforms, which gives you the possibility to report data from more than 200 services, including analytics, social media, call tracking platforms and much more.

We've recently started a partnership for data integration, which will give you access to AWR Visibility and SEO stats in your TapClicks Dashboards. Now, you can connect all your data in one place and create meaningful reports that your customers will love.

How to Connect AWR and TapClicks

The connection requires an AWR paid subscription with access to FTP Exports, and access to an FTP location which you need to set up in your account, on the Connectors and API section.

The FTP connectivity is available for monthly subscriptions starting from the Enterprise level, and for all yearly subscriptions. If you do not have an AWR account with access to FTP exports yet, please visit our Pricing page.

Step 1

Sign in to your TapClicks account and click on Connect Data Sources.

Then run a quick search for "advanced web ranking". Our service is listed with two connectors under the Smart Connectors section. 

  • Advanced Web Ranking SEO helps you report data about your keywords, like the Average position and SERP Features distribution

  • Advanced Web Ranking Visibility offers data about your Visibility in organic search, Click share and Estimated visits.  

Step 2

Once you choose the AWR connector, click on Install and confirm the connection. 

The default setup and mapping details are prepopulated. To activate the connection, just enter the credentials of the FTP location that is already set up in your AWR account. 

Step 3

Next, assign the new data source to a Client profile in TapClicks. This action is available directly from the Data sources list. 

Click on Assign to Clients and follow the steps in the wizard. 

After the first files from AWR are exported to FTP and further pulled by TapClicks, you will be able to quickly see an overview of the Visibility and SEO stats.

Create TapClicks dashboards

To create a dashboard, navigate to the top Manage Dashboards menu and click to add a new one. Once you choose your preferences, you can add the first widget. To show data from AWR, make sure you select this source from Data Category.

Here is a sample dashboard built with the AWR Visibility connector.  

You can also generate PDF files from the dashboards and share them with clients. More details on how this works are available on the TapClicks Help Center.

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will keep building the FAQ.


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