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How to create a Forecast

Learn how the Advanced Web Ranking's Forecasting feature works and how it can be used to achieve the SEO objectives set

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Advanced Web Ranking's Forecasting feature helps, among others, foretell the organic visits, conversions, and revenue that can be achieved if the ranking target selected is reached.

The Forecasting algorithm works as an estimation and it is based on the ranking position, search volume, and CTR recorded by the non-brand keywords you added for monitoring in AWR.


💡 The Forecast is calculated for all keywords selected as input except those that are assigned to the Branded group. The CTR for branded keywords is considerably higher than the CTR of non-brand keywords, this is why they are excluded from the Forecast.


Simply put, this feature helps one understand how achieving higher-ranking positions impacts the business in terms of conversions and revenue.

But it can be also used to:

  • Set realistic objectives for running SEO campaigns.

  • Track the monthly progress of the set objectives vs. real achievements and immediately adjust the campaigns, so the SEO objectives are met.

  • Visualize the Year-over-Year search trend of keywords.

  • See the actual organic traffic received from non-branded searches.

  • Monitor the inertial traffic and see how the website will perform based on search seasonality or if no SEO efforts are invested.

Feature availability

The forecasting feature is available for all types of plans available, as follows:

  • Agency, Enterprise monthly plans, and all yearly subscriptions can create an unlimited number of forecasts per account & per project.

  • Pro monthly plans are limited to 1 forecast per project.

  • Trial plans are limited to 1 forecast per account.

Here is a video too, about how to create a Forecast:

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will keep building the FAQ.

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