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New improvements added to Forecasts
New improvements added to Forecasts

Discover the recent updates to our Forecasting feature, focused on improved accuracy of traffic predictions and an enhanced user experience.

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We're excited to announce a series of enhancements to our Forecasting feature that will elevate your experience and significantly improve the accuracy of predicted traffic.

Forecasting by Local Search Volume

For all the local businesses out there, you can now choose to use Local Estimated Visits when configuring forecasts, providing you with predictions tailored specifically to the specific location of the search engine.

💡The option to use Local Estimated Visits in forecasts is available for selection only if you select one of the custom location search engines added in the project.

Forecasting using the Conversion Rate sourced from the synced Google Analytics property.

We've integrated Google Analytics’ Conversion Rate data into our forecasting algorithm! This means that you can opt to use your website's conversion rate, extracted directly from the Google Analytics property synced with your project, enhancing the precision of the forecasted values.

Forecasting using the CTRs sourced from the synced Google Search Console property

We added the option to use the CTR values sourced from the Google Search property, which is synced with your project.

Integrating your own, tailored CTRs into forecasts results in more refined estimations, offering a clearer and more reliable projection of potential traffic and performance based on your website's actual metrics.

Forecasting by excluding Keyword Variations

We have implemented an automatic algorithm that identifies keyword close variants, along with the option to exclude these variations from the forecasts when the predictive estimations are computed.

You can read more about how the keyword variants algorithm works and the benefits of excluding keyword variations from forecasted data in this article.

Option to receive Forecasting alerts via email or Slack

You can now configure alerts to stay informed about the latest updates and changes in your forecast's performance.

Choose between a default monthly alert sent to your email, summarizing the new updates of the forecast, or customize your alert based on the forecast's status or specific keywords you wish to monitor closely.

Learn more about the Forecasting alerting system in this article here.

Extended forecast duration to up to 24 months

The time duration for which the forecasted data can be calculated was extended to 24 months.

Schedule forecast to start in a specific future month

The option to schedule forecasts to start in a specific month in the future has been added, so you can sync seamlessly with your campaign calendar.

Enhanced Target Rank configuration via the newly added options

We've introduced new features to offer you greater flexibility in selecting target keywords for your forecasts:

  • Ability to define custom positions or page ranges for targeting, including single fixed positions.

  • Option to enable forecasts for individual keywords, expanding beyond keyword groups.

Feature availability

The forecasting feature is available for all types of plans available, as follows:

  • Agency, Enterprise monthly plans, and all yearly subscriptions can create an unlimited number of forecasts per account & per project.

  • Pro monthly plans are limited to 1 forecast per project.

  • Trials plans are limited to 1 forecast per account.

Do you have any further questions or need more information about this product update? Don't hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated support team.

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