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AWR shows 0% Visibility for a website. Why? How can this be fixed?
AWR shows 0% Visibility for a website. Why? How can this be fixed?
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The Visibility Percentage is a critical AWR performance metric based on your Top 30 ranking positions, across all of the keywords and search engines you are tracking in your project.

It provides an overview of how well your website is performing in online search.

A project's overall Visibility Percent can vary between 0% to 100%.

A value of 0% means that the main website of the project has no pages ranking in the top 30 positions on any of the search engines added for monitoring.

A value close to the maximum 100% means that the main website is ranking higher on the SERPs, mostly on positions 1 to 3.

Besides the lack of keyword rankings in top 30 positions there can be other factors that can lead to a 0% search visibility, as follows:

  • your rankings suddenly dropped from top 30 following a search engine algorithm update or a technical issue on your website

  • you have deleted your best-performing keywords/search engines

  • you have migrated to a new domain but you did not update your project's main website so the change can be also reflected in the ranking data retrieved by AWR

  • the search engines added for monitoring require a custom alias setup

How can I increase the Visibility Percent of my project?

Option 1: Add to your project keywords with a higher search volume

Use AWR's suggestion tool to find niche-specific keywords with a high volume of searches.

Access the Ranking>Keywords or the Project settings>Keywords sections and click on the Add keywords button.

While in the Add keywords wizard click on Show Suggestions.

Select the keywords to be further added to the project, click Add suggestions to the basket, then Save your selection.

Note: The keywords on the green rows cannot be selected as they are already added to the project.

Since the head terms are very competitive when it comes to rankings and it is pretty hard for a website to gain a top position for such keywords, it is recommended rather adding to your project both short-tail keywords

and long-tail keywords.

Option 2: Connect your Google Search Console account with your project to discover the keywords for which your website is receiving Impressions

Connect your AWR project with the GSC account where you monitor your website using the Project settings>Google connect section.

Once the sync is setup, AWR will extract from GSC the actual keywords for which your website was returned in SERPs and displays them in the Google Data>Search Console section.

You can filter keywords by Impressions, Clicks, CTR, and Avg. Position to choose those placed in a top position with the highest number of listings and clicks in Google searches.

Furthermore, you can add these keywords to the project to see their ranking positions and the pages for which they show up in SERPs.

Note: The keywords on the green rows are already added to the project.

Do you have any other questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch, and we will keep building the FAQ.

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