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Keyword management in AWR

Learn how to manage your keywords in AWR

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Add, group, import, export and delete keywords within minutes with AWR.

To start your new tracking campaign be sure to:

Add keywords

You can add new keywords to your project by clicking on the Add Keywords button from the Project Settings > Keywords section of your AWR account.

Type the keywords one per line in your keyword basket or copy paste them from a list. Before clicking Save you can also assign them to a pre-existing keyword group.

Import keywords

Use the import tool in your Add keywords wizard to upload your keywords from a CSV file. The mandatory format for the upload files is .CSV, with UTF 8 encoding, and keywords written one per line.

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Description automatically generated

Keyword groups/tags can also be added to the keywords, and separated using commas, as in the example below.

Graphical user interface, text, application

Description automatically generated

After choosing the desired .CSV file you can simply hit Import Keywords.

Note: If the keywords in the import file already exist in the project only the groups will be inserted into the project. If both the keyword and groups are already added to the project no changes will be made.

Group and ungroup keywords

Upon selecting one or more keywords, a blue bar will pop up showing the Manage drop-down menu. This is where you can assign keywords to groups and ungroup the ones that were already assigned. Such keywords will appear with tags which show the group or groups that they are part of.

Manage keyword groups

From the Project Settings > Groups section, you can manage your groups, by renaming the existing ones, adding new groups or deleting them.

Note: The deletion of a keyword group means that all ranking data at keyword group level will be lost but this will not affect the rankings previously gathered for the keywords that were assigned to it.

Delete keywords

You can delete keywords individually, or multiple keywords at once. Please note that, deleting keywords will also remove all the historical ranking data associated with them. Adding the keywords back will not restore the ranking data previously gathered.

Export the list of tracked keywords

All of the keywords you’re tracking in a project can be exported in PDF, CSV, and XLSX format, along with the keyword groups and the day they were added to the project by choosing one of the options available in the Export drop-down menu.

Change a keyword’s color in chart

You can change the color that is assigned to every keyword. This is the color appearing in the Ranking > Keywords section near each keyword and in the Keywords Ranking Chart widget in the Reports section.

Filter the list of keywords by date

You might have a lot of keywords to manage, so we added a special Added on filtering option to help you categorize your keywords by the date they were added to the project.

Filter keyword by groups

While in the Project Settings > Keywords section, you can filter the ranking data by all keywords, keywords that are not assigned to any keyword groups, and keywords that were assigned to a keyword group.

Manage keywords using the Ranking > Keywords section

In the Ranking > Keywords section, you can check keywords to group them, change their chart color and delete them just like in the Project Settings > Keywords.

Using the Add filter button that’s located near the Keyword/URL search bar you can filter the list of keywords by multiple ranking criteria such as SERP features, Position, Page, Estimated Visits, etc. All the filters you apply will be visible above the keyword table.


Using the Ranking > Keywords section you can also rescrape keywords.

The rescrape function allows you to perform a fresh update for the keywords & search engine selected. If you have multiple search engines you will have to perform the rescrape for each search engine at the time.

Compare multiple keywords

Here, you can also check up to 10 keywords and compare the evolution of their ranking positions in a chart.

Get suggestions of new keywords to track

Add new keywords to your project with the Get Suggestions option.

You can do this by selecting an existent keyword for which you want contextual suggestions and click on the Get Suggestions button.

Next, make sure you add newly found suggestions to Keywords basket > assign keywords to groups (if needed) and save.

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will keep building the FAQ.

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