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Keyword Suggestions Tool in AWR

Discover new keyword opportunities you can monitor with AWR, for any keyword or competitor domain

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As a rank tracking service, AWR revolves around keyword lists

Regardless if you already have a keyword set to begin with and are looking to expand it, or you are simply after content optimization ideas by spying over your competition, Keyword Research is a mandatory step for any successful SEO practice.

Grow the list of keyword ideas using AWR's Keyword Suggestion Tool

Keyword suggestions are available for a seed keyword or domain, in the following sections:

Hitting "Show suggestions" while setting up your new project will collect and display a list of keyword ideas for the domain added as main website. Filter the ones with search potential and add them to your keyword basket to be further tracked in AWR.

You can always replace the domain to see keyword ideas for with a different one or a seed keyword of your choice.

Keyword ideas can be collected for one input at a time, to streamline the results selection process.

To determine a combined keyword set, based on several targeted competitor domains or keyword seeds, simply proceed by collecting the list of suggestions for one domain at a time.

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will keep building the FAQ.


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