Welcome aboard! Happy to see you around! 👋 

If you are new to AWR, we got your back at getting familiar with the entire set of features, so that you can get the most of using the application! 

Create your first project

So, you’ve just registered for your trial account! 

It’s time to enter the wizard and create your first project. Slide through the steps and add the following:

Project Details

  • URL. This will be the main tracked client domain or targeted page. Adding your domain ("website.tld") will instruct the AWR App to report the rankings for any page found in the SERPs

  • Country. The country selection impacts the default market for collecting the search metrics from Google Ads (Searches, CPC and Competition in the AWR Comparison report) and predefined search engine selection. 

  • Results page depth. The number of pages downloaded from the search engines, when performing ranking updates. AWR allows you to choose between 5 or 10 pages deep

  • Update frequency. AWR performs both scheduled and manual updates (on-demands). Choose the frequency you wish to see fresh rankings on:

Daily - data set is refreshed on a 24h basis
Weekly - new updates are performed every Monday / Wednesday. Weekly units are used as reference when calculating the subscription allowance
Biweekly - fresh data is available twice a month, on Day 1 & 12, or the first and third Wednesday
Monthly - results are ready on Day 1 or the 1st Wednesday of each month
Paused - no further scheduled updates will be performed*

*when choosing paused as preferred option of updates, the initial update is no longer performed. No rankings are delivered for project, unless manually requested.

Keywords. This is as simple as it seems! Paste or type in your client’s targeted set of terms - one per row, we’ll do the counting for you! 

We'll even try to help you with a few keyword suggestions! 😏 Or, if you already have the keyword set ready, simply Import it. CSV is the supported file format, and both keywords and groups can be uploaded to project. 

Location and search engines. Any search engine / market / location / results type you can think of, we can track it down for you! 👍 There are countless tracking customization facilities, here are just a few:

  • 130+ supported countries (not only in the US and EU)

  • Localized rankings (narrowed by zip code, address, city / region)

  • Mobile devices rankings (AMPs included)

  • Desktop results - organic / SERP Features

  • Sponsored results 

  • Dedicated search engines such as Baidu (CN), Yandex (RU, UA), Amazon, Youtube, Duck Duck Go (US), Naver (KR). 

Competitors. Don't worry, a little research and market observing never hurt anyone! 😄 

You can monitor up to 50 competitors / project without any additionally consumed units. 

List the competitor domains or specific URLs or see the ones we can suggest for your main added website.

That's a wrap! Now you're ready! 😄 

Don't forget, depending on how complex the project is (actual number of keywords / search engines), the initial ranking update can take up to 24h*. 

*When choosing biweekly and monthly as the preferred options to regularly collect ranks, the initial update can get delayed, as the 2 mentioned frequencies are flagged with a lower update priority in our system. 

The rankings are not instantly delivered because we are sending real keyword queries to the search engines you have defined. We don't display the ranking position from databases or from a third party application.

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will keep building the FAQ.

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