All your projects are scheduled to be updated with the frequency your clients need, so you just monitor the results when are delivered and then send them to your customers.

If you notice some changes in the rankings, you need a quick data-set for a pitch, or your customers want a ranking report before their monthly regular one, you can easily run an update manually using the On-demand update option. You can also use this if the days we use for scheduled updates are not the best ones for your clients.

There are 3 available options you can use: 1 hour, 12 hours, and 48 hours:

Each of them use a different number of resources and have a maximum number of keyword units you can consume per day: 

  • 1 hour update is limited to 1,000 keyword units;
  • 12-hours is limited to 3,000 units. For plans higher than Enterprise, this update option is limited per day to 5% of the total units contained in the plan;
  • 48 hours is limited to 25% of the total units each plan has.

Compared to the scheduled updates, where the needed resources are reserved from the monthly available ones, the on-demand updates consume from these remaining units. All these resources are reimbursed when the monthly subscription is renewed. For Yearly subscriptions, the resources consumed become available monthly, on the day of the month when the subscription was purchased.

Starting an on-demand manual update can be easily done from two places:

  • from the Home screen, where all the projects are listed, just click on the current update frequency of the project and select the "Run on demand update" option:

Please note that this type of update cannot be started on the scheduled update days, because only one data-set can be saved in the database and there is already one for  your projects for that day.

Update your projects manually whenever you need intermediate results, or when you have any statistics to do that require fresh new rankings for your projects.

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will keep building the FAQ.

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