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[Alerts update] Enhancements of the SERP Features trigger
[Alerts update] Enhancements of the SERP Features trigger
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With this update, improvements have been made to the alerting system regarding the detection of SERP Features' occurrence or their sudden change among the search results retrieved from the search engine(s) added for monitoring to AWR.

Now, the SERP Features alert with the Website ranks condition enabled will report the keywords that achieved a new SERP Feature or lost one, from one update to another. When first creating such an alert, the initial trigger will report the list of existing search features of the selected website. Afterward, the alert will be triggered only for new and lost features.

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Following the recent update, when the alert is triggered, the list of keywords that have met the SERP Features alert's condition (Website ranks or Feature on SERP) will be grouped by search feature.

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The alert email body and the notification received on Slack have been redesigned to incorporate more insights about the acquired or lost SERP Features.

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The Alert triggers drop-down menu was also updated with a more compact format and options to edit or view the alert's history.

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💡 Detailed information on how to use and set alerts to detect changes in SERPs can be found in this article here.

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will keep building the FAQ.

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