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Website Comparison report turned into Keyword Gap
Website Comparison report turned into Keyword Gap

For an even more enhanced competitor analysis the former Website Comparison report was revamped into Keyword Gap

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We are thrilled to announce the evolution of the former Website Comparison report into the all-new Keyword Gap tool, designed to offer an enriched competitor analysis experience. While maintaining the core function of comparing websites’ ranking performance side by side, a series of improvements have been integrated to aid in discovering keyword strengths and weaknesses for both your main website and targeted competitors.

How does the new Keyword Gap tool help?

The Keyword Gap report facilitates an in-depth competitive analysis by identifying areas of shared interest with competitors. It pinpoints targeted keywords that are driving more estimated visits to your competitors but also highlights your strong-performing terms.

By showcasing overlapping interests with competition and revealing unexplored keywords, it helps you easily identify potential opportunities for expansion and areas where your SEO campaigns already excel, empowering you to make informed decisions.

What’s new?

The new enhancements encompass, among others, a comprehensive breakdown of keywords into segments. Each keyword segment - ranging from "All keywords" to "Exclusive" - provides a detailed perspective on your website's performance compared to competitors, as follows:

  • All keywords: This segment includes every keyword within the project or the selected keyword groups.

  • Common: Shows keywords that all selected websites rank for, indicating common SEO strategies or overlapping areas of interest.

  • Absent: Highlights keywords all your competitors rank for, but your website doesn’t, indicating potential areas for improvement.

  • Underperforming: Keywords where your website’s ranking is lower than your competitors, indicating areas where your SEO could be strengthened.

  • Outperforming: Illustrates keywords where your website ranks higher than competitors, showing your SEO strengths.

  • Unexplored: Presents keywords one or more of your competitors rank for but your website doesn’t, indicating potential SEO expansion opportunities.

  • Exclusive: Displays keywords that only your website ranks for, representing unique selling propositions or niche areas.

In addition to breaking down the monitored keywords into meaningful segments, following this update, a new key performance indicator metric - Estimated visits - has been introduced and can now be added to the keyword comparison table to enhance your analytical capabilities. Additionally, two new report components were added: Keyword Intersection and Estimated Visits Distribution.

Estimated visits

This metric shows the estimated amount of visits each website may receive during a month from each keyword, based on its related Click Share and Search volume.

Estimated Visits Distribution

This chart offers an immediate view of the website (main or competitor) receiving the highest amount of estimated visits for the selected keyword set and search engine. The total number of predicted visits for each website is calculated from its top 20 ranking keywords, using both Click Share and Search Volume data. Only the rankings from the last update in the selected interval are taken into account.

Keyword Intersection

This chart shows the common (shared) ranking keywords between the main website and the selected competitors, facilitating an instant overview of the website ranking for the majority of keywords. The chart values are computed based on the set of keywords, the search engine, the competitors selected, and any filters applied within the keywords table.

Furthermore, an additional enhancement has been implemented, introducing a unique filtering feature within the Keywords table. This feature facilitates the inclusion or exclusion of the primary website and the competitors from the Keywords table based on specific metrics such as Position, Previous Position, Change, SERP Features, and Estimated Visits.

How many websites can be added for comparison in the Keyword Gap report?

For a more focused analysis of keyword segments and intersection, you can add up to 6 websites (main + 5 competitors) to the Keyword Gap report.

However, if you require a comparative data visualization among all the competitors added to the project, you can use one of the following options:

  • Keyword Gap export to CSV/XLSX which allows selecting the websites (up to 50) to be included in the export file.

Do you have any further questions or need more information about this product update? Don't hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated support team.

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