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New Bing SERP Feature available for tracking with AWR: AI-generated Stories
New Bing SERP Feature available for tracking with AWR: AI-generated Stories

Learn how to track Bing AI-generated stories in AWR

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AI-generated stories might be triggered by certain types of queries on Bing, such as people, places, events, concepts or products. For example, if you search for “who is Isaac Newton”, you may see an AI-generated story that gives you a brief overview of his life and achievements, along with some images and videos.

AI-generated stories are a type of dynamically updated content created by Bing through generative AI, a technology capable of producing natural language and images based on specific inputs. Bing utilizes this technology to generate stories that present concise information through text, images, video, and audio.

In Advanced Web Ranking, you can track the AI-generated stories using the Bing Universal search engine: Bing Desktop Universal for desktop searches and Bing Mobile Universal for mobile search results. You can add these search engines for monitoring from the Project Settings > Search engines section.

💡According to Bing officials at the time of writing this article, AI-generated stories are available to people searching in English, French, Japanese, German, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, and Arabic.

💡 When monitoring the Universal version of a search engine, AWR will report the positions of Organic entries, along with URLs from People Also Ask, FAQ, Videos, Carousels, and other types of results if they are found in SERPs.

After adding a Universal search engine and at least one ranking update is completed, you can easily identify the keywords that have triggered an AI-generated Stories result by using the SERP Features filter:

In the filtered results, the SERP Features column shows which features are present on the search results pages retrieved from Bing for each keyword.

If the selected website (main or competitor's URL) ranks for a particular SERP Feature, the associated feature symbol is highlighted in green. If the selected website doesn’t secure any of the features present in SERP, all the symbols will remain blue.

As the sources featured in the AI-generated stories are part of the same search result element, they will be reported on the same ranking position when found in the SERPs obtained from Bing:

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