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Effortlessly organize UI reports with the new 'Table Settings' manager
Effortlessly organize UI reports with the new 'Table Settings' manager

Organize UI reports by customizing column order, hiding/showing metrics, and resetting configurations - all from one intuitive interface.

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The new 'Table Settings' manager, available for now in the Ranking UI reports, combines the functionalities of the old 'Table preferences' and 'Column selector' menus into a more powerful and intuitive option. This enhancement is designed to streamline your SEO workflow, making it easier to organize your UI reports and prioritize specific metrics or search markets.

The new 'Table Settings' menu offers several capabilities to enhance your data analysis:

Search Columns

Quickly find specific columns you want to include in your report. The search bar allows you to locate metrics that matter most to your SEO strategy without scrolling through the entire list of all AWR (proprietary), Google Ads, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools metrics available.

Reset Columns

Quickly revert any changes and start fresh by using the 'Reset Columns' option. This feature resets both the 'Table Settings' menu and the ranking table to their default settings, allowing you to restore the original configuration with ease.

Reorder Columns

Change the order of columns with a simple drag-and-drop action to easily prioritize important aspects of your SEO campaign. The new order will be applied to both the 'Table Settings' menu and the ranking table itself, ensuring consistency across your workflow.

Hide/Show Columns

Customize your report by hiding or showing columns as needed using the associated buttons in the 'Table Settings' menu and focus only on the most relevant data for you.

Toggle Options

Enhance your ranking table view by showing keyword groups' names and branded keyword labels using the dedicated toggle buttons in the 'Table Settings' manager.

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