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Update your AWR profile

Changes you can apply to your AWR profile

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You just created your account and started monitoring the rankings for your website. While we gather the rankings from search engines and deliver them to your project, you can start updating your profile like: 

Adding an Avatar

Let's start by adding an Avatar to your profile! This can be easily done by accessing the Profile option located under the upper-right account icon and pressing the Browse button to load the image from your computer. If you don't have one, create a Gravatar account and use the most representative image for your company on multiple places:

You have a great Avatar for your account now, the one that better represents your company and easily allow your customers to recognize that it's you. 

Change the Name and the Email address

Let's continue with another change you can apply to your Advanced Web Ranking account!

If you have decided to transfer the responsibilities to another person inside your company, you can change the Name and the Email address for the account you use by pressing the Change button corresponding to each of them:

Of course, you can change the password too, by pressing the Change Password button. All the responsibilities were transferred to another person now and you can continue with the new tasks you have inside your company!

Update the billing information

What if the credit card you use to purchase your subscription will soon expire or you just want to replace it and continue the payments with another one? Don't worry, in a few seconds you can update the details by accessing the "Edit payment info" section:

You will be redirected to your 2Checkout customer account where you can manage the billing details and assure that everything is correct.

Any details related to your account can be changed with a few easy steps so you will not lose too much time with this and take advantage of the great features our application has!

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will keep building the FAQ.

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