Ranking reports for Google Looker Studio offer the following set of metrics
and dimensions:


  • Position - Keyword rank position where your domain or a competitor domain were found in the SERPs, on a specific Date.

  • Search Volume - Average volume of searches that a keyword receives each month, reported by Google AdWords in the last 30 days. 

  • Competition - Level of difficulty to rank for a keyword, based on its number of Google AdWords bidders.   

  • CPC - Average cost per click for a keyword, reported by Google AdWords in the last 30 days.

Note: The Keyword Ranking In Time report includes only the Position metric, with data across multiple update dates. 


The dimension available with the AWR Connector include: 

  • Project - Project / campaign that you are managing 

  • Website - Main website and competitors in a project

  • Search engine - Search engines or search engine versions in a project (e.g. Google desktop and Google mobile)

  • Keyword - Specific terms and phrases that you are tracking in a project.

  • URL - Specific landing page that was found ranking in the SERPs for a Keyword. 

  • Result type - Specific SERP feature type that your domain or a competitor domain have for keywords tracked in Google Universal search.  

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