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Looker Studio (Google Data Studio) Data Source Setup
Looker Studio (Google Data Studio) Data Source Setup
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To add AWR as a Data Source, navigate to Account Settings - Connectors & API and click on Connect to Google Data Studio

This will direct you to the new data source form, where you can add the details for the AWR Connector:

  • Enter the AWR API key

  • Choose the Report Type

  • Visibility Date Comparison (check sample

  • Visibility Evolution In Time (check sample)

  • Keyword Ranking Date Comparison (check sample)

  • Keyword Ranking Evolution In Time (check sample)

  • Market Share Evolution In Time (check sample)

  • Enter the project name that you want to connect and follow the filtering and sorting preferences available for each report type. 

Note: With the Visibility report types, you can merge data from multiple projects to the same report, then you can filter the projects by name with partial match, or by project tag.

Data Source Setup sample for Visibility in time

Data Source Setup sample for Keyword Rankings date comparison

Data Source Setup sample for Market Share date comparison

Note: For the Market Share data sources, one search engine and keyword group input can be selected at a time. To allow these inputs to be modified in the reports, make sure to enable the related filters as shown above.

Then just add a name for your data source and click Connect

Once the new entry is created successfully, it will list the mapping options for the metrics and dimensions available for the report type you have selected, giving you the possibility to update the type, aggregation method and description for each filed. 

Data Source Mapping sample for Visibility Evolution In Time

Data Source Mapping sample for Keyword Ranking Date Comparison 

Data Source Mapping sample for Keyword Ranking Date Comparison

From this step, you can further create a new report based on the newly created data source, or you can add the data source to an existing report. 

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