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New series of design and functionality updates for an enhanced AWR experience
New series of design and functionality updates for an enhanced AWR experience

Introduction of new design and functionality updates aimed at enhancing the AWR experience.

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Several enhancements emphasizing design and functionality have been implemented to further streamline your experience within AWR.

1. Keyword states differentiation: Not ranked, not updated vs. update in progress

Icons are now used to represent different states for keywords where there are no values displayed in the Position column, offering users greater clarity in comprehending the status of each keyword added to the project:

  • Not ranked: Keywords without a recorded ranking position.

  • Not updated: Keywords that have not undergone a ranking update.

  • Update in progress: Keywords currently undergoing an update.

2. Improvements of the keyword ranking filtering based on position

Enhancements in keyword ranking filtering based on position, integrating the Position, Prev. Position and Position Changes filters, brought forth predefined filtering shortcuts (such as top โ€œxโ€ positions, ranked/not ranked keywords, etc) and the option to select multiple position changes at the same time.

Additionally, the capability to sort the metrics within the keyword table based on change was introduced. Metrics that are now sortable by change, not just by their values are as follows: Position, Pixel Position, Estimated Visits, and Page.

3. Major redesign of the Projects dropdown menu

As we aimed for an improved and more user-friendly experience the Projects dropdown menu underwent a major redesign. This update brought significant enhancements as follows:

  • The search functionality was expanded by adding a new option: search by projects' tag.

  • The options to delete and duplicate projects directly from the drop-down menu were introduced, enabling swift and hassle-free project management without navigating to the Settings section of each project.

  • Infinite scrolling was introduced to facilitate seamless navigation through a large number of projects.

  • For easier visual identification, the dropdown now displays the favicons of the main websites associated with each project.

Do you have any further questions or need more information about this product update? Don't hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated support team.

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