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Enhanced charts for Click Share and Search Volume trends
Enhanced charts for Click Share and Search Volume trends

Enjoy improved Search Volume and Click Share trends charts, insights on how SERP features' impact CTRs, and YoY and MoM volume comparisons.

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Enjoy more comprehensive and actionable data with our improved charts for Search Volume and Click Share trends. Gain valuable insights into how SERP features influence click-through rates and leverage year-over-year and month-over-month volume comparisons for the Quarterly Search Trends and Search Trends metrics to optimize your SEO strategies effectively.

💡The Click Share, Search Volume + YoY, and Quarterly Search Trends metrics can be accessed in the Ranking > Keywords report, while Search Trends can be found in the Difficulty > Keywords section. To view the enhanced charts, add the desired metric(s) to the table using the “columns” drop-down menu, then just hover over the values shown for each keyword in the associated columns.

Click Share

In addition to an improved representation of the Click Share trends, we’ve included the types of SERP features owned by each result ranking in the top 20 on Google for a specific keyword. This gives you a clearer understanding of how each feature impacts user behavior.

💡The Click Share score refers to the percentage of searchers who may click on your website if listed in the Top 20 organic positions from the SERPs. More details can be found here.

Search Volume + YoY

You can now track monthly search volume changes over the past year and compare each month’s volume to the same month from the previous year. This helps you spot seasonal trends and shifts in search behavior over time, allowing you to adjust your SEO efforts accordingly.

Additionally, the chart now displays the current month's search volume alongside the year-over-year trend volume percentage change.

💡The Search Volume represents the average monthly number of searches that each keyword receives on Google, country-specific, based on data from the past 30 days. The searches displayed are retrieved for the selected search engine country.

The Year-over-Year Trend represents the volume percentage change calculated by comparing the latest month's searches to those of the corresponding month from the previous year.

Quarterly Search Trends

The enhanced Quarterly Search Trends chart now displays the search volumes for both the current and previous quarter, alongside the trend volume percentage change. Additionally, it allows you to compare each month’s volume to the same month from the previous year so you can easily spot patterns in search interest over time and strategize effectively based quarter-to-quarter or year-over-year volume changes.

💡The Quarterly Search Trends metric highlights the evolution of searches in the last three months compared to the previous three months. The trend change is computed by comparing the total number of Searches a keyword received for the last three months with the total number from the three months immediately before.

Search Trends

Along with an improved visual representation of search volumes, the chart now features a month-by-month comparison over the past 12 months against the corresponding months of the previous year, enhancing your ability to forecast and optimize your marketing strategies so they align with the evolving search behaviors.

💡The Search Trends metric highlights the search volume trend over the last 12 months, as reported by Google Ads, for the selected search engine country.

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