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Adding Notes in AWR
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If you've noticed changes to your keyword rankings over the last several weeks, make sure to add notes.

The chart addnotation functionality allows you to add notes to the UI charts so that you can easily keep track of progress of individual keywords, keyword groups and even an entire project following a release, an in-house optimization campaign or a new core search engine algorithm update.

Adding Notes

You can start adding notes by simply going to dedicated section under the profile menu or from one of the following UI reports:

While accessing one of the reports mentioned, expand the chart by clicking on the trendline near the keyword, hover over an update date, then Click to Add a note:

Chart, line chart

Description automatically generated

The Add Note wizard allows for a handful of preferences regarding the type of notes you want to create. Here you can:

  • Add a note title so you can easily identify important ranking events when looking at the chart where the notes were added.

  • Select the note’s type. Notes can be created for individual keywords, keyword groups, or projects to mark any content events or optimization campaigns designated for specific terms.

  • Choose the date on which the note should appear in the charts to keep track of changes that took place across an applied date range.

  • Select who can view the notes created. You can choose to keep Notes visible only for yourself by choosing Private accessibility or share them with your clients by choosing Shared.

Once created:

  • individual keyword notes will be visible in all charts associated with that keyword(s).

  • keyword group notes will appear in the Visibility > Keyword Groups section, in the chart associated with that group.

  • project level notes will appear across all keyword charts and also in the Visibility > Websites & Search engines charts.

The annotations created will appear also in the Profile > Notes section, where the Project for which the note was created, the Date on which the note appears in chart and the note’s Type are displayed.

From the same sections, you can also choose to Edit or Delete your notes.

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will keep building the FAQ.

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