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Product Updates
Product Updates
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Keyword difficulty major improvements
Google Analytics 4 integration
ATF Display filter changed to Pixel Position
UI & UX application enhancements
Daily updates for the Google SERP Features free tool
Enhancements of the share link feature
Multiple keyword groups selection for the Ranking > Keywords report
More options for the results search depth - 1, 2 & 3 pages
New search option for Keyword / URL - phrase match
Friendlier format for ranking notification emails
Searches column now shows the YoY % change
Search Intent detection algorithm major update
Google Looker Studio Improvements
New ranking filter available: Cannibalization
Updated parsing mechanism for People Also Ask results
Friendlier format for all notification emails
New KPI added to the Keyword Ranking report - Search intent
New filtering options for Organic SERP Features: Single and Multi Image Thumbnails
New SERP Feature available for tracking with AWR: Product Knowledge Panel
Multiple keyword groups selection for the Comparison > Search Engines view
Improvements of the Developer API and FTP export functionalities
[Alerts update] Enhancements of the SERP Features trigger
Automatic detection and labeling of branded keywords
New SERP Feature available for tracking with AWR: Google Jobs pack
Ability to sign in to AWR using Google credentials
New SERP Feature available for tracking with Google Mobile: Deals
New API operations for keyword difficulty updates
Bing SERP Features integrated as an optional column in UI reports
Homescreen revamped into a dynamic dashboard with enhanced functionality
Bulk Advanced Web Ranking data exports to BigQuery via direct connector
Integration with Bing Webmaster Tools
New SERP Feature available for monitoring within AWR: Events on Google
Enhanced competitor analysis: Websites Comparison report turned to Keyword Gap